Education never stops. Constantly evolving, progressing and growing - going toe to toe with the future means changing your moves. It means studying the moves of others and reading between the lines. It’s about learning from wins and losses, whether they’re your own or not -resources can be found anywhere when you look from the right perspective. So stand on the shoulders of giants, see what they see, read what they blog and learn to make the right moves.

Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset: Strategies for new business venture success

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation (the ‘Foundation’) upholds the conviction that entrepreneurship serves as a positive agent of change that yields benefits not only for the entrepreneur but also for the surrounding communities. To that end, we are committed towards developing the entrepreneurial mindset among young people in Southern Africa. Read on to find out more.


From the time the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation was established, our aim has been simple: to educate and nurture high impact, responsible entrepreneurs. Our objective has always been to develop and run an and entrepreneurial programme, that will cultivate Africa’s future leaders in entrepreneurship.