General Questions

The Foundation operates in countries where Allan Gray Limited is represented and, therefore, offers the Fellowship to citizens of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland.

Yes. As long as you are 21 years or younger if you are a matriculant, or 22 years and younger if you are applying as a first-year university student.

We do not provide funding as all our resources are directed into the Scholarship, Fellowship and Association programmes.

We do not provide donations as all our resources are directed into the Scholarship, Fellowship and Association programmes.

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation invests in individuals who display entrepreneurial potential. The Scholarship and Fellowship programmes aim to cultivate (grow) that potential further. We believe that an entrepreneurial mindset can benefit an employee and a business owner. So the question should rather be, do you want to make a difference?

No. Selection is based on the region’s demographics, which means that all races are welcome to apply.

We award up to 100 Fellowships every year.

No. You will not have to work for either organisation upon completing your studies. There are no post-study contractual obligations.

Yes. In addition to the mandatory requirements we consider the following:

  • Have you played any leadership roles at school or university as either a prefect, member of the SRC, or sports team captain?
  • Have you attained any formal school or university awards within the Academics, Cultural or Service fields?
  • In the last three years, have you created an original product or service, developed it and possibly sold it (preferably NOT including any school market days you may have participated in)?
  • Have you initiated an activity or project that has made an impact in your school, university, community or environment?
  • Have you recently worked in any environment to generate your own money?
  • Do you participate in any sporting activities at school, university or outside this environment?
  • Do you participate in any cultural activities at school, university or outside this environment?
  • Do you display an ability to manage your emotions effectively?
  • Are you aware of the emotions of those around you and do you react appropriately?
  • Do you display an ability to be flexible and adaptable to change?
  • Are you able to describe an occasion or occasions where you have been able to achieve success despite difficulty?
  • Do you consistently demonstrate perseverance, tenacity and goal-oriented behaviour?
Grade 12 Questions

Yes. We don’t require you to work for our associated companies or us, and so we are not in competition with any other institutions as far as the Fellowship is concerned.

But, it’s possible that your current bursary might have restrictions so please follow up with your existing donor.

Yes. There are compulsory activities and events that form part of the Entrepreneurial and Personal Development Programme.

Yes. Each Candidate Fellow is evaluated annually based on academic performance as well as performance and participation in the Entrepreneurial and Personal Development Programmes.

First Year Questions

Yes. Please note that we will evaluate you based on the noticeable development and improvement that has taken place in your life since your previous application, both from an entrepreneurial and academic perspective. You will also be required to complete a new application form reflecting these developments.

Unfortunately not. The opportunity is only available to first year students.

The Fellowship is only available to first- and second-year students at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS), the University of Johannesburg (UJ), the University of Pretoria (UP), the University of Cape Town (UCT), Stellenbosch University (SU), the University of the Western Cape (UWC), the Nelson Mandela University (NMMU), Rhodes University (RU), TSiBA and the University of the Free State (UFS).

Due to the nature of the Entrepreneurial and Personal Development Programme, we are only able to offer opportunities to those at universities closest to our infrastructure hubs.

No. You need to have a minimum of a 65% average in your mid-year exams to be eligible to apply.

Yes. Please note that you will be assessed on your current degree stream performance and evaluated on your June exam results. We will also consider your Grade 12 results.

Questions from Teachers

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s application form can be quite daunting for students who are not familiar with such forms. Familiarise yourself with the selection criteria to provide some insight to the students during completion of the application form. You could also provide your learners with the Educator’s Reference, which is part of the application form.

The Circle of Excellence membership is awarded to those schools that have provided the highest number of successful applicants to the Allan Gray Fellowship. The more successful applicants who become Allan Gray Fellows from your school, the higher your chances of becoming a member of the Circle of Excellence.

At this stage the Foundation does not get involved in curriculum development at the school level, but we are aware of other organisations who might be able to assist. Contact us on [email protected] for more information.

Unfortunately not. Academic excellence is one of the key criteria for success in our programmes.

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